Vegan – Fruitarians

Vegan – Fruitarians

Fruitarian food

Vegan – Fruitarians, as the word implies, eat primarily fruits, with nuts and grains as well. A fruitarian vegan diet also includes foods like tomatoes or avocados, which are fruits. Fruit is nourishing and refreshing for your health. It doesn’t clog the body’s vital arteries; better still, it actually flushes and cleanses. A fruit diet also lightens our bodies and spirits, in line with the general lightening of our planetary vibration rate which many higher sources tell us is taking place at this time.Avocado_open

You need to eat carefully if you choose a fruitarian diet because it can be more of a challenge to get enough essential protein in your diet.  E.g., a fruitarian can eat an avocado sandwich, a coconut milkshake or the purest coconut ice cream made from the vegan milk and meat of the fruit, veggie burgers made of lentil or bean paste or tofu, a succotash of corn, limas, peas, and tomatoes, sweets made with pure maple syrup or date sugar, pecan pies made with fruit sugars, fruit shakes made of a mixture of orange and banana, pear and peach, pomegranate, papaya, and plum.9051189858_cd16dfd5a7_b

A pizza of tofu, tomato, and pepper (not pepperoni), salads of tomato, cucumber, green and red peppers (but not lettuce, cabbage, or celery), nut butter such as almond butter or tahini, hummus {chickpea paste}.  In other words, fruitarian may eat fruits 99.9% of the time, but occasionally do indulge in the delicacies of other food groups.


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