Quorn to go COMPLETELY VEGAN across their ENTIRE range of products!

Quorn to go COMPLETELY VEGAN across their ENTIRE range of products!



Rise of the vegan find out that Quorn is a meat substitute product available in the UK, Ireland, the US, Australia, Sweden, and other countries that launched in 1985.

Since they started their company (and for quite a surprise to many – particularly new vegans) none of Quorn’s products were suitable for vegans as they disappointingly used egg-white in every single product.

In late 2011, Quorn released their first vegan product, called the Quorn Vegan Burger, available initially only in the US. Following strong sales of the product and increasing demand for vegan products from the UK market 2 vegan products were launched in the UK in October 2015:

We can assume these products have been well received, because now it looks like Quorn have decided to make their entire range 100% vegan and completely phase out eggs.

We don’t have any official details from Quorn yet, only that they’re “working on it”, and that the egg will be replaced with potato starch. However a “worldwide shortage of potato starch” is slowing down their progress.

Thank you to the change.org petition started by Tracey Dixon that attracted almost 3,000 signatures and to the Vegan Lifestyle Association for communicating with Quorn to get this information.

The response received from Quorn:

And thank you to each and every vegan who votes with their wallet on a daily basis and only chooses to buy ethical food and products.

It’s because of you that companies like Quorn are taking notice and changing their policies. Every person counts, and together we are making a big difference. We’re going to see much more of this from companies as the vegan population increases.

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