OXO Tower Launches Vegan Afternoon Tea

OXO Tower Launches Vegan Afternoon Tea

Vegan Afternoon Tea

We haven’t forgotten the sandwiches. Or the scones. Or the clotted cream.

Our Restaurant has perfected the tradition Afternoon Tea, but there was just one thing missing – a vegan option.

Why can’t we indulge in all our favourites while sticking to a plant-based diet? That was the challenge we set for our chefs, and they delivered.

Throughout January, head to OXO Tower Restaurant for our expertly-crafted, full-flavoured, ‘please keep it coming’ Vegan Afternoon Tea. The menu has all the classics – homemade scones, clotted ‘cream’ and even ‘cheese’ sandwiches, but there are a few surprises too, like sage and onion stuffing sandwiches on cranberry bread, chestnut and mushroom ‘sausage’ rolls and coconut and pineapple cakes. And don’t even get us started on the mini lemon meringue pies.

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