Now You Can Wear Vegan Products Made From Mushrooms Leather

Now You Can Wear Vegan Products Made From Mushrooms Leather

As the world becomes enlightened about compassionate living, our brilliant scientists and ecologists are discovering new ways to minimize the human ecological footprint.  Clothing made from mushrooms is now a reality. Replacing animal leather is possible. Muskin is an eco-friendly alternative entirely made from natural raw materials, including the cap of a special mushroom.

According to Eco Warrior Princess, after decades of synthetic fibers dominating the fashion industry, nature is back on trend. With the help of science and forward-thinking designers, bio fabrication is innovating materials. This process involves the manipulation of biomaterials, with the use of 3D printing principles to produce sustainable alternatives to mainstream materials. Eco-friendly natural materials that have become popular recently amongst designers include pineapple leaves, bamboo, and hemp.

Mushrooms make delicious food, yes, but they also have surprisingly versatile textile qualities. In the right form the material can be: breathable, non-toxic, soft, antibacterial and biodegradable. Several companies across the world, listed below, have pioneered the manipulation of mushrooms into products such as packaging, furniture and now fashion.

“Wood fungus is going to be one of the major engines for manufacturing in the 21st century.”- Dr. Drew Endy, Stanford University.

According to The Garage: Can one clever little purse set the fashion business on a new, Earth-friendly path?download (2)

None other than haute couture designer Stella McCartney hopes so. For the Victoria and Albert Museum’s intriguing “Fashioned from Nature” exhibit in London, McCartney made a chic black handbag with chain trim from the unlikeliest of materials — mycelium, the hairy, root-like fungal mass from which mushrooms emerge.

Stella McCartney’s Mylo bag is on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The bag is just the latest collaboration between McCartney — a devotee of sustainability before most fashion-world players knew what the word meant — and materials innovation company Bolt Threads. McCartney and Bolt, which grows synthetic silk as well as synthetic leather in its bubbling tanks and humidity-and-nutrient-controlled pans, aim to spur a fashion-business makeover that’s as critical to the industry’s health as it is to the planet’s.

Lab Roots says that right now there are several cutting-edge technologies on the market and in the fabrication process of developing mushroom-made materials. This includes mushroom “leather,” and “suede,” such as that produced by MuSkin, a company that makes 100% biodegradable vegetal leather by extracting and “tanning” mushroom caps. However, it goes beyond just mushrooms. Erin Smith, an artist in residence at Microsoft Research, went so far as to brew her own wedding dress using a combination of tree mulch and mycelium.

“I think the ability for us to grow our own clothing could have great positive potential,” says Smith. “Growing clothing from scratch could both eliminate carbon emissions caused by transportation and allow for a garment that can be grown to your precise dimensions and specifications. It’s essential that consumers become more aware of the continued lifespan of their things once they’ve been thrown away,” she says. “Any object made from materials that will outlive its intended use is a part of our global waste problem.”

The mycelium Smith used for her dress was bred in a tub of agricultural waste requiring very little added energy. Once the dress had been worn, it could be composted in the garden. She made the decision to grow her own dress because she didn’t want her wedding to be dictated by tradition and to have to wear something that would just sit in her wardrobe after the event.

It is the era of Vegan Products!


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