Magnum will release a vegan ice-cream in Oz this year

Magnum will release a vegan ice-cream in Oz this year



Vegan News revealed that Magnum has teased at the launch of a dairy-free ice cream in Australia this year, just in time for the summer heat!

Promotional materials from the popular ice cream brand appeared online, with a certified vegan stamp and a release date of January 28th:

“The first indulgent dairy-free impulse product in Australia. A game changer in indulgent ice cream – rich & indulgent, but without the dairy. Velvety dairy free ice cream dipped in dairy free chocolate and covered with almond pieces.”

Sustainability is the new flavour

Magnum has responded to customer demand from the growing vegan community in Australia, and has also expressed an ongoing commitment toimproving sustainability.

Magnum Dark Intense ice creams are made from 70% cocoa, sourced from sustainably grown Rainforest Alliance beans.

Meantime the makers of popular ‘accidentally vegan’ biscuit, Oreos, will also remove ‘dirty’ palm oil from their list of ingredients.

Mondelez International, the maker of Oreos, are dropping 12 palm oil suppliers that contribute to deforestation – following intense public pressure and a successful campaign by Greenpeace.

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