Liam Hemsworth is a vegan and sexy

Liam Hemsworth is a vegan and sexy

With his unbelievably good looks, there really isn’t a better poster boy for veganism than Liam Hemsworth. That’s right; the Aussie actor’s insane body is entirely fueled by plants—not a steak to be found. While there are many reasons to go vegan, Liam Hemsworth is vegan for his own health, as well as for animal welfare purposes. I mean, honestly, just when you thought the man couldn’t get anymore attractive.

Liam made the decision to go vegan in May, 2015. After he went for a blood-diet analysis, a nutritionist told the star to eat more red meat, which Liam wasn’t down for. “The more red meat I ate,” he admitted, “the worse I felt.” It’s okay, Liam. Too many burgers is a bad idea, anyways.

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