Joaquin Phoenix / Vegan Guru

Joaquin Phoenix / Vegan Guru

He stopped eating meat at the age of three

While on a fishing trip with his family, he became upset after seeing fish being brutally killed, and declared that he would not eat meat again. He said that he asked his mother why she didn’t tell him where meat came from, to which she had no answer, and he has stopped eating meat ever since.

He is very vocal about animal rights issues

Joaquin has spoken out against abuse at Walmart’s pork supplier, China’s dog leather industry and the fishing industry in general.  He has also made several powerful videos for PETA and Mercy for Animals, and continues to show his commitment to ending cruelty towards all animals.After hearing story after story about celebrities who go vegan as a diet only to go back to eating animals, it’s good to know that there is a celebrity who is using his fame to make a positive change and who knows that veganism is more than just a diet.


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