Interview with International Procurement Specialist Isabelle Menard -Founder & Owner Of SILIBAK – Eco-Friendly Silicone Bakeware & Kitchenware.

Interview with  International Procurement Specialist Isabelle Menard -Founder & Owner Of SILIBAK – Eco-Friendly Silicone Bakeware & Kitchenware.

By Vegans Products

Consumer habits are changed and while We anticipate more eco-friendly products We sat down with Isabelle Menard, Founder & Owner of SILIBAK  to discuss why eco-friendly bakeware & kitchenware products matters.

What follows is a transcript of some of that conversation.

  Eco-Friendly Bakeware & Kitchenware for the Modern Chefs and Bakers

Vegans Products: What influenced you to become an International Procurement Specialist for Major Bakeries & Restaurants Holdings, and how long have you been in the industry?

Isabelle Menard: I have always been a Food Lover! Being a French Canadian living in the Food Capital of North America, Montreal, opportunities to be working in this beautiful industry are certainly presents. I was approached by a Big French Group to manage the North American Procurement Department at the beginning of my career and that was it! Just felt in love with the vivacity, the openness and the passion for baking and making great food. I spent 15 years traveling the world managing purchasing teams in North America, France & Mexico before opening SILIBAK. 

VP: What is your philosophy on Eco-Friendly products and what is your anticipation for the future of these commodities?

IM: Being a Mom of 4 beautiful souls, leaving a positive trace on this world is very important to me. In every way possible. Taking care of our environment is certainly a big part of it!

Having two of my sons that are Vegan helps shifted the perception of eating and our overall health habits for sure. Using Eco-Friendly Products in the kitchen is yes about helping us cook and bake healthier using less unnecessary fats. It’s also about buying bakeware that will last way longer and that is way more versatile than metal. And certainly about baking and cooking with material that does not rust and is 100% recyclable.

All our products are made with Eco-Friendly Silicone that is non-toxic for the environment. Contrarily to Metal. Better for the planet overall. And ensuring that way less kitchenware ends in outside depositors all over the globe!

As far as my anticipation for the future, I believe that with the more awakening to the importance of food and health in general, we will also be more and more conscious of the tools we choose to use to make our beautiful meals. I am a strong believer in education. And what you are doing, is certainly a pretty awesome example!

VP: What was the reaction of your friends and family when you announce that you are going to chase your dream? Did they try to change your mind?

IM: Not really! I think they all knew that nothing would have changed my mind. Although I had a fantastic career, I always had the vision to create a family own business that would be truly unique and that could blossom in a great family adventure. It’s amazing you know to be part of making this world a better place. Not only for now. But to trust that what I am doing, is actually helping improve people lives, in my own small way, for generations to come.

VP: Do you feel like there has been a shift in people’s perceptions of eco–friendly kitchenware products recently? And what do you think the future holds for this kind of products?

IM: A shift is a big word although I would love to think so! Slowly but surely. Bakers and Chefs have been using Eco-Friendly Silicone Kitchenware for decades all over the planet. It’s only very recently that we started seeing Eco-Friendly being available to all. Hopefully, it will go from being a Niche Trend to a Consumers Buying Habit. As for the future, I see it bright!

We already see a shift in the cooking and baking habits everywhere. Not only in the selection of ingredients but also in the how we cook and bake our food. Using Eco-Friendly Kitchenware is certainly the next step. I compare it often to buying a car. If you can get an Electric Green Car that would be beautiful, fun to drive, very comfortable and super durable for way less money than a Normal Car who would say no? Once again it all goes back to education. The more we know, the better decisions we make.


VP: What advice would you give to those starting new bakeries and restaurants. Will you recommend them to start implementing eco-friendliness of their kitchenware from the beginning?silicone-eco-friendly

IM: I certainly would! And I would make it part of my marketing strategy! Shout it everywhere!

Who wouldn’t want to go have a great meal or pick-up fresh croissants knowing that they are getting it from a place where they not only care about the actual ingredients but also about the impact of their business on the environment. Not to mention that Eco-Friendly Silicone is a lot less expensive than metal and a lot more durable!


VP: As green initiatives become an integral part of any enterprise DNA, Do you believe that recyclable & non-toxic for the environment and storage friendly Silicone Bakeware & Kitchenware become ground zero for implementing world-wide, eco-friendly environments for chefs in Bakeries & Restaurants?

IM: I absolutely do! For so many great reasons.    It used to be only because Silicone Bakeware and Kitchenware was less expensive and storage friendly. Now it’s more about using 100% recyclable material to cook and bake, buying less unnecessary kitchen tools like paper cups and liners and certainly ensuring the customer a better experience knowing that the food service is done the healthier way possible!

VP: Finally, what are plans for the future?

IM: That’s a great question! I have new plans every day! But mainly keep on working to make available to every household Great Quality Eco-Friendly Silicone Kitchen Tools. Always striving to give the best value possible and to educate people on making better, healthier decisions not only when it comes to choosing ingredients but also in regards to the how we cook and bake. And maybe get to see the SILIBAK Trademark being sold in Stores everywhere? Why not!


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