Health Benefits of Tempeh

Health Benefits of Tempeh

What is Tempeh?

Tempeh is a soy product from Indonesia that is made through a controlled fermentation process. While it has been a traditional, staple food in that region for generations, it has only recently become popular in the rest of the world. The rise of veganism has made meat and protein-replacement foods highly desired, and tempeh has consistency and durability that allows it to be manipulated in many different ways.

Tempeh Is A Powerful Probiotic Food

Like all soy products, tempeh is an effective and nutritious probiotic food. Probiotic foods go above and beyond to support the body’s immune system. Probiotics can be characterized as microorganisms and yeasts. Contrary to popular beliefs, there are two types of bacteria and tempeh is the good kind.

With certain microorganisms in the body, it could lead to chronic illnesses, inflammatory diseases, and autoimmune disorders. That’s why you need a healthy diet of tempeh for its probiotic benefits. That said, probiotics help encourage normal thyroid function, bone health, and gut health.

One of the major health benefits of probiotic foods is supporting the digestive system against inflammation and ulcers. Other health benefits are defending against arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases.

 Tempeh keep your heart health

We also know that fermented soy foods like tempeh have more bioactive peptides than non-fermented soy foods. (Peptides are smaller breakdown parts of proteins.) In the case of fermented soy foods, two key storage proteins—glycinin and conglycinin—are broken down by molds, yeasts, and bacteria into peptide fragments that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and blood pressure-lowering properties.

Contains natural antibiotics

Rhizopus moulds produce natural, heat-stable antibiotic agents against some disease-causing organisms. Indonesians who eat tempeh as a regular part of their diet recognize it as a medicine for dysentery and rarely fall victim to the intestinal diseases to which they are constantly exposed.

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