Costco Sells 1 Million Organic Vegan Burgers in 60 Days

Costco Sells 1 Million Organic Vegan Burgers in 60 Days

Food company Don Lee Farms’ new organic plant-based vegan burger has sold over a million burgers in under 2 months.

The company’s Organic Plant-Based Raw Burgers, first were introduced in February, ‘bleed’ organic beet juice, according to Business Wire.

“The fact that our Organic Plant-Based Burger is made with plants and not with science has resonated with people,” said Don Lee Farms’ Danny Goodman. “No one wants to eat a burger hidden with artificial or modified ingredients if they have the choice,”

“They want natural, they want organic, they want real,” he added.

“Our customers are looking for an alternative to a raw beef burger and we responded with a healthier approach — making a burger with organic plants,” said the company’s president, Donald Goodman. “We challenge everyone to look at the ingredients found in other plant-based raw burgers currently being sold, you would be surprised.”

The president went on to say that reaching one million burgers sold this quickly exceeded the company’s expectations.

Don Lee Farms creates plant-based foods that are available in Costco, Whole Foods, and Walmart both under the Don Lee Farms label and under different partner labels. Keep an eye out for this new organic plant-based burger in stores in your area in the near future.

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