Madrid Bans Wild Animal Circuses

Madrid Bans Wild Animal Circuses



EFE VERDE find out that The city of Madrid has joined the more than 60 municipalities that have banned shows with wild animals in circuses, which will have a period of one year to adapt to the regulations approved on Wednesday.

The Plenary of the City Council of Madrid has approved with the votes of Now Madrid, PSOE and Citizens and the rejection of the PP the veto to the circuses with wild animals, which will have a period of one year to adapt to the new regulations.
64 municipalities that prohibit shows with wild animals

With the modification of the regulatory ordinance of the Tenure and Protection of Animals, Madrid joins the 64 municipalities that have banned these shows in the region.

For this, it is based on a recommendation from the European Veterinary Federation (FVE), which warns that the needs of these animals can not be met in an itinerant circus, especially in terms of accommodation and the possibility of expressing natural behaviors.

The delegate of Health, Safety and Emergency, Javier Barbero, has argued that these animals suffer punishment hours to make unnatural learnings, put the public at risk for the transmission of diseases and there is a risk of leakage.

In addition, he has argued that the circus has evolved throughout its history leaving behind the exposure of people with deformities for not being ethically sustainable and that the cessation in the use of animals is an element of further evolution, in addition to relating to the pedagogical need to enhance civic behavior of citizens.

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