Moby – 31 years of veganisam

Moby – 31 years of veganisam

Moby relealed:

It’s my 31 year vegan anniversary! Or, more awkwardly: veganniversary. I originally went vegan for the simple reason that I love animals and couldn’t be involved in anything that caused animal suffering. But over time my commitment to veganism has been strengthened by issues as ostensibly disparate as climate change, human health, antibiotic resistance, rainforest deforestation, worker safety, resource allocation, desertification, algae blooms, mass extinctions, famine, and ocean acidification. ALL of those issues are directly related to our society’s perverse choice to destroy the only home we have in order to have hamburgers. The growth of the vegan/animal rights movement is so inspiring, thank you to all of the activists who remind me on a daily basis why this is my life’s work.

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